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It's Easy being Green with Graham's Six Grapes


Earth Day is upon us and Symington Family Estates–the leading vineyard owner and first certified B Corp winery in the rugged Douro Valley of Northern Portugal–leads by example with its “Mission 2025” sustainability roadmap. This comprehensive sustainability strategy commits to change in viticulture and biodiversity, energy, water and buildings, packaging and waste, and the local community. The strategy features a shift in packaging to use lighter glass bottles for many wines in the portfolio, including Six Grapes Reserve Port (SRP $29).

With 35,000 cases produced each year and 25,000 cases brought into the US each year, reducing the overall weight of the Six Grapes bottle by 36% has far reaching results, including offsetting 15 percent of emissions involved in transportation. With strong distribution in all 50 US states, as well as Canada, the Caribbean and the rest of the world, a single action such as reducing the weight of the bottle yields impactful results for the environment. Apart from its “lightening,” the bottle long recognized with its iconic logo that reflects the original Six Grapes stencils traditionally used to mark barrels of the best wine from each harvest, remains unchanged.

An early member of International Wineries for Climate Action, an association of wine companies committed to taking action against climate change through reducing carbon emissions, Symington Family Estates leads the decarbonisation of the wine industry; they are also proud to be part of the UN’s Race-to-Zero campaign where they seek to mobilize credible climate action among cities, regions, businesses and investors. Measuring end-to-end carbon emissions and committing to science-based emissions reductions targets is at the core of this important work.

Symington Family Estates’ care and attention to its environment translates to exemplary Port wines that retain freshness and intensity over the years. Graham’s Six Grapes is a blend of vintage-quality wines from four indigenous Douro grape varieties: aromatic Touriga Franca; rich, tannic and well-structured Touriga Nacional; raspberry tinged Tinta Roriz; and chocolate noted Tinta Barroca. The wine is aged for two years in seasoned oak vats which preserves its youthful, blackberry fruit character.

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