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Inwood Estates Releases It's Top Wines of the 2017 Vintage

by Andrew Chalk

The number of wineries that charge over $200 for a wine and sell out every year likely numbers a few dozen in the whole world. Inwood Estates Vineyards is the only Texas entrant with its $225 Colos and Magnus.


2017 COLOS | 2017 MAGNUS

Announcing the New Highly Anticipated Release

For only the 2nd time in 17 years, we proudly announce the release of Colos and Magnus, our coveted Tempranillo wines produced at just 1-2 clusters per vine for unmatched phenolic expression. The great 2017 vintage yielded these latest wines, so you know the second edition of this acclaimed set will be something truly remarkable!

Availability is limited, with special prices offered only for the month of December.

Bottles may be purchased online or in either tasting room.


Colos & Magnus:

Our Most Prized Tempranillo Wines


Many of you will remember the first set of these wines from the 2011 vintage, with their unique art labels:

First Edition: 2011 Colos and Magnus (SOLD OUT)

We are now pleased to present the 2017 Colos and Magnus for your consideration. Produced from grapes grown during the great 2017 Texas vintage, we are confident you will recognize the bellwether quality of these remarkable, low-yield Tempranillo wines.

The 2011 Colos and Magnus are SOLD OUT, and in fact, the vintage sold out at higher prices than when first released. Called "Hauntingly Beautiful" by the James Suckling Team, these wines were a first-ever high watermark for quality in American Tempranillo. They were tasted many times against Termanthia and Vega Sicilia, from Texas to New York.


What Makes These Wines So Special?


For those of you who have sat with me for a Tasting With The Winemaker, you will recall that we spend a lot of time discussing the impact of low yields on the phenolic expressions of our wines. Higher cluster counts per vine results in cheap, poor quality wine that is thin, watery, and diluted in flavor and aroma. Low clusters per vine makes wine that is rich, dense and concentrated, but is produced at significantly greater expense since it takes more vines to produce the same volume of wine. This simple table will remind you of the universal relationship between price, quality, and yields across the wine industry:

The Correlative Effect of Yield on Wine Prices*


~12 tons per acre

~3 tons per acre

~1.5 tons per acre

~0.3 tons per acre

Fruit Density

~200+ clusters per vine

~35 clusters per vine

~16 clusters per vine

Colos & Magnus:

<2 clusters per vine


~$10 wine

~$50 wine w/barrel aging

~$100 wine w/barrel aging

~$225 wine w/barrel aging

*Table based on premium red varieties including Cabernet, Tempranillo, and most Bordeaux varieties

Hopefully this table helps to put your future wine purchases in perspective. It helps to know that some of the famous Spanish wines to which ours are compared also fit within the parameters of the above table at the highest levels of quality.


Current Purchasing Opportunities


Second Edition: 2017 Colos and Magnus (NOW AVAILABLE) -- Colos (100% Tempranillo) Magnus (52% Tempranillo - 48% Cabernet)

With a 6 or 12 bottle purchase of Inwood / Illumina / Proprietors Circle wines, the price of Colos and Magnus will drop!

2017 Colos and Magnus are very limited in inventory. These wines open for sale at $225 per bottle, and we anticipate that the price will escalate as inventory sells down.

However, for a limited time in celebration of their release, we are offering some discounts for volume purchases. For example:

Mix and Match Any 6 Bottles of Inwood Wines

Mix and Match Any 12 Bottles of Inwood Wines

This pricing will remain in effect until the end of the year, 12/31/2021. After that, we will review the pricing structure and revise.

*Discounts are not available on library status wines (e.g., 2017 Oentrepid X, 2017 Oentrepid C) or bundled products.

We hope you have a wondrous and blessed holiday season, and please let us know if we can serve you in any way!

Happy Holidays!

Dan, Rose Mary, and Spencer Gatlin

and The Inwood Team

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