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by Andrew Chalk

Can rum take on Single Malt? Try BACARDI Gran Reserva Especial (16-year old), and then decide.

As they say at BACARDI...

"BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Especial (MSRP: $100) is a rare, limited edition, premium sipping rum, crafted by BACARDÍ® maestros who have hand-selected the most exceptional barrels of aged rum. Traditionally aged for a minimum of 16 years in American white oak barrels, the warmth and humidity of the Caribbean climate accelerates the rum ageing process – around three times faster than whisky ageing, for example - but with no reduction in quality as the tropical ageing process develops. Fusing warm woody notes, stone fruits, caramel and a smooth velvety texture, with a viscous mouth feel, this unique and precious liquid is best enjoyed neat or over ice. As such, this remarkable 16-year aged rum can be compared to a whisky aged for 40+ years, expressing a complexity and smoothness rivaling that of the world’s most exclusive Single Malts."

One thing. You will have to be travelling internationally to buy a bottle of this rum. It is available exclusively through DFS at select Asia Pacific and North American airports.

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