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Do You JAJA?


Inspired by the vivid colors and simple composition of artists like Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko and David Hockney, JAJA’s label artwork depicts the hills and agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico, where JAJA’s agave is harvested. The color palettes of each label contrast beautifully with the color of each expression, guaranteed to not only look great on any bar cart, but tell a story that speaks to the qualities of each expression and how they can be enjoyed; beginning with the bright, sweet smoothness of JAJA Blanco, perfect for daytime enjoyment, and transitioning all the way to the complex, darker notes of JAJA Añejo – best enjoyed at twilight. Created with a focus on accessibility to all, JAJA Tequila offers options for every taste, and easily enjoyed at any occasion – day or night.

JAJA Blanco ($35.00, Drizly & ReserveBar): Balancing the natural sweetness of 100% Blue Agave with notes of black pepper and citrus, JAJA Blanco is perfect for enjoying at daytime occasions – as its label would suggest. Whether enjoyed in a margarita or straight-up as a shot, JAJA Blanco’s smoothness and lightness makes it perfect for enjoying in the daylight, whether at a pool party or simply unwinding on a lazy Sunday.

JAJA Reposado ($40.00, Drizly, & ReserveBar): The perfect middle ground between the lighter, younger Blanco and the darker, more complex Añejo, JAJA Reposado (rested in Spanish) is aged for 6 months in fine American Oak barrels, giving the liquid rich notes of vanilla, oak, honey and caramel. Perfect for enjoying during the golden hour its bottle depicts, JAJA Reposado gives extra complexity to a cocktail, or can be served on the rocks – a versatility that perfectly suits the transition between day and night.

JAJA Añejo ($45.00, Drizly, & ReserveBar): Finished for two years in American Whiskey casks, which impart on the liquid full-bodied notes of almond, honey and oak, JAJA Añejo is JAJA’s darkest, most complex expression – perfect for enjoying late into the night. Its depth of flavor lend it particularly well to being enjoyed on the rocks, but also lends a spicy depth to any cocktail; perfect for enjoying no matter how you choose to end your nights.


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