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by Andrew Chalk

As I reported recently, Darna Mediterranean Eatery and Bar is the new name for Darna Mediterranean Eatery and Market. The change in name hailed a new menu and happy hour specials. Last week, I stopped by for a media event where they were showing some of the new, or modified, dishes.

The Mezza Trio ($19) is three dishes of hummus, zaalouk, and muhammara with pita bread for slathering. A great cold appetizer to start.

Mezza Trio
Mezza Trio

The Pan Seared Halloumi ($14) with pomegranate molasses, cherry tomatoes and arugula was a heart-warming expression of a classic dish for which the Cypriot goat-sheep cheese is ideal. Its chewy texture, burned exterior and creamy interior flavor married the herbal bitterness of the arugula to a tee.

Pan Seared Halloumi
Pan Seared Halloumi

Finally, the Soup of the Day ($10) was Tomato. Superbly prepared with a little chicken stock and no cream in order to emphasize the raw flavors of the tomato.

The by-the-glass Lebanese wines did not, alas, prove popular enough to stay on the menu since I reported on them in July (the producer Ana Beirut, is still available by the bottle) so Almaza, a Lebanese beer in the light lager idiom, substituted.

As I left, around 9pm, Darna was rocking. It is clearly being recognized by Legacy West visitors from Plano and elsewhere. Check it out! I still have to see the Sunday brunch.


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