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Cured: A Quest for Cultivation + Taming Lion's Mane Mushrooms for May!


Springtime is all about the new growth found in nature's bounty, sourced from the ground up! Topping the list is Lion's Mane Mushrooms - easily identified by the creamy white, shaggy texture, distinctly resembling a lion’s mane. Its tamed taste is mildly sweet and the tender texture mimics the meat of shellfish like scallops, crab, or lobster. These mushrooms are so versatile in preparation that they can be grilled, roasted, sautéed, and seared! Best of all, these beauties are exploding with vitamins and minerals, from Zinc to Potassium. And, at Cured, we are always looking for ingredients that pack in a good punch of nutrients. It's even rich with oligosaccharides, a specific type of carbohydrate that has antioxidant and anti-tumor activities. At Cured, Chef Steve Mchugh has added Lion's Mane Mushrooms - sourced locally from Isaac's Mighty Mushrooms - to the dinner menu, served with Kale Kimchi and a Black Garlic Sauce.

Here to help, Chef McHugh is sharing some pro tips on how to shop, sanitize, and save with Lion's Mane at home!

  • Shopping: The surface of the mushroom should be moist in texture and not dried out - appears plump.

  • Sanitizing: To clean Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, brush off any debris from the exterior and rinse briefly under cool, running water and pat dry. Do not submerge the mushrooms in water as they will absorbe the water which will impact the texture of the mushroom.

  • Saving: If stored in the refrigerator - it can keep for up to one week.



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