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Create Your Own Essential Oil at Korinkyo


A minimalist yet luxurious approach to traditional Japanese living comes to life in

Ishikawa, Japan’s newest hotel, Korinkyo. Meticulously designed, the hotel’s proximity between one of Japan’s Most Beautiful Landscaped Gardens and modern art is reflected in the hotel’s design. Housing only 18 rooms, Korinkyo perfectly combines minimalistic, modern design while incorporating nature throughout.

On the bottom, guests will find an aroma distillery, originally based in Ishikawa’s Hakusan. The distillery hosts the hotel’s signature experience and showcases the creation of essential oils using locally sourced forest materials. The aromatic water is made available in the guest room and used for the rooftop’s sauna and bath, which offers a one-of-a-kind experience found nowhere else in the region.

Korinkyo will also be home to the region’s first deep floating meditation room which blocks out all light and sound.

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