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Continental Wine Collection Debuts on the 50th Anniversary of Historic Continental Vineyard


Parent Company to Paso Robles’ Broken Earth, CV Wines, and Pull Wines Emerges

to Mark Continental Vineyard’s Golden Anniversary

July 14, 2023 (Paso Robles, Calif.) – Continental Wine Collection, the new company entity unifying Paso Robles’ Broken Earth, CV Wines, and Pull Wines, proudly announces its debut, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the historic Continental Vineyard.

​Continental Wine Collection is deeply rooted in the history of Continental Vineyard. In 1973, a group called Continental Vintners - consisting of Herman Schwartz as managing partner, in collaboration with renowned Hollywood actors Wayne Rodgers, James Cann, Jack Webb, and Peter Falk - acquired the sprawling 2,500-acre property in Paso Robles. Fifty years later, their collective ambition to foster world-class viticulture on the Central Coast lives on, as Continental Wine Collection emerges to honor the long-standing legacy of this storied, Certified California Sustainable vineyard through its three distinguished labels: Broken Earth, CV Wines, and Pull Wines.

“Rancho Tierra Rejada, translating to ‘Land of the Worked Earth,’ was the original name of the ranch, and this inspired the creation of our Broken Earth brand,” shares Justin Tooley, General Manager & Vice President of Continental Wine Collection. “In 1973, the name of the ranch was changed to Continental Vineyard concurrent with the original plantings. It is by no mistake that fifty years later, we have developed the perfect expression by using Continental Wine Collection to describe our family of brands under one halo company, marrying the past with the present.”

Indeed, Continental Wine Collection is a clear reflection of the company’s commitment to honor its legacy as it steps boldly into the future. “Continental Vineyard played a vital role in the early roots of Paso Robles as a wine growing region, pioneering large-scale vineyard operations and exploring an array of grape varieties adaptable to the region's unique terroir,” explains Tooley. “Today, under the stewardship of the Forsythe family, this tradition continues through the introduction of diverse grape varieties new to not only Paso Robles, but also to the U.S. We are proud to continue pushing the limits of what the premium Paso Robles wine region has to offer.”

As Continental Wine Collection continues to innovate and evolve, it remains deeply connected to the history of Continental Vineyard and the Paso Robles wine community. The synergy of Broken Earth, CV Wines, and Pull Wines under the Continental Wine Collection umbrella is poised to enhance and affirm Paso Robles’ status as a preeminent wine producing region.

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