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Check Out Sotol, the Tequila Alternative



3 Badge Beverage Introduces Quechol Sotol

Derived from the Dasylirion plant in the Mexican state of Durango, Quechol Sotol exudes an expressive personality that’s perfectly suited to this non-agave spirit

SONOMA, Calif. (April 20, 2022) — 3 Badge Beverage Corporation today announced the debut of Quechol Sotol, the newest addition to the Sonoma-based négociant’s growing portfolio of wines and spirits. Crafted in small batches from indigenous Dasylirion plants sourced from the Chihuahuan desert in Durango, Quechol is the ultimate expression of sotol – a Mexican spirit who owes its increasing popularity to the explosion in demand for its mezcal and tequila cousins.

“With the agave market showing no signs of slowing, we’ve seen a natural expansion of consumer interest in sotol.” said Sebastiani. “Sotol is an exciting adjacent category to the more widely recognized agave distillates, and we’ve traveled the backroads of Durango to meet the people and understand the history behind this fascinating spirit. Quechol is the result of that exploration.”

Complex and aromatic, sotol is a non-agave-based distillate made from a type of shrub, Dasylirion, which is native to Mexico. Unlike the agave plant that produces tequila and mezcal, Dasylirion is closer to evergreen plants in the asparagus family.

Quechol is made in small batches using time-honored traditions that are thoughtfully passed down from one generation of sotolero to the next. These unique processes can yield subtle differences in the flavors of each batch, making every bottle of Quechol as rare as the sotoleros who make it.

3 Badge Beverage Corp. is proud to debut the following two expressions of Quechol Sotol:

· Quechol Wheeleri Sotol (SRP $60; 45.5% ABV) – 100% Wheeleri Sotol. Bright vegetal aromas of lemon rind, bay leaf and chipotle spice lead into fresh jalapeno notes on the palate, balanced with more delicate notes of sweet black licorice and anise that lead into a long, spicy finish.

· Quechol Texanum Sotol (SRP $60; 46.3% ABV) - 100% Texanum Sotol. Succulent aromas of wild spearmint, roasted nuts, ancho chile and cooked caramel lead into a round, elegant palate of juicy black licorice and subtle vegetal character.

Dasylirion plants thrive in dry conditions with extreme climates. Proprietary coas, crafted by Quechol’s sotoleros are used to harvest the piñas. The Dasylirion’s piñas are then cooked in a volcanic rock pit oven and shredded prior to undergoing a natural fermentation without the use of cultivated yeast. After fermentation, the liquid is then distilled twice in copper pot stills to preserve and enhance the natural sotol flavors.

Quechol Sotol is deeply inspired by the spirit’s Aztec origins. “A spirit that soars,” Quechol evokes the radiance expressed in the eloquent poems of Nahuatl tradition. Meaning “precious feather” in the Nahuatl language, quechol was referenced as a divine bird with colorful plumage. Feather workers known as amantecas would often create intricate headdresses for their people from the many colorful birds of their region.

The packaging for Quechol was designed to reflect and honor these divine avian references. The unique bottle shape was inspired by the shape of a spoonbill’s bill – long, flat and curved – while the capsule has a bold turquoise plumage. The smooth earth tone label has added fibers throughout, showcasing the brand mark with waves and grooves similar to that of a feather’s texture. Just below the label, old ancient Aztec poetry is inscribed, unique to each expression.

Quechol Sotol is currently available for purchase via the 3 Badge wholesale tier, and consumers can soon visit the to discover Quechol Sotol vendors in their area.



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