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Check Out Shochu, the Spirit of Japan


Shochu is the native spirit of Japan - a white spirit made from 100% two-row barley that offers an incredibly rich umami flavor, yet very light with a smooth finish. iichiko shochu is the top-rated shochu brand in Japan and quickly gaining popularity in the states.

In honor of World Shochu Day, George Kaihao of Jettison, created the cocktails Full Moon and iichiko Sunrise using both the iichiko Saiten and iichiko Silhouette expressions. Saiten is a high ABV expression of the brand and is a great spirit to use when making craft cocktails. Silhouette is a lower ABV expression and is best served on the rocks or with sparkling soda water, similar to a highball. The drinks are made with unique ingredients such as hibiscus syrup, Japanese tangerine soda, yuzu juice, and more. Jettison celebrated World Shochu Day all week long from with these cocktail specials.

Full Moon

Creator: George Kaihao, Jettison

Price: $12

  • 2 oz iichiko Saiten

  • 0.5 oz Yuzu juice

  • 0.75 oz Parfait Amour (French Orange&Violette Liquor)

  • 1 barspoon Allspice Dram

  • Coined lemon peel for garnish

Method: Add iichiko Saiten, Parfait Amour, and Allspice Dram to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

iichiko Sunrise

Creator: George Kaihao, Jettison

Price: $10

  • 1.5oz iichiko Silhouette

  • 4 oz Kimino Mikan Soda (Japanese Tangerine Soda)

  • 0.25 oz hibiscus syrup

  • Splash lemon juice

  • Orange slices garnish

Method: Add ice to glass with iichiko Silhouette, top with Kimino Mikan Soda. Pour in hibiscus syrup, splash with lemon juice, and garnish with orange slices.

The first Umami Spirit in the world, iichiko Saiten is a full-flavored expression of 100% barley shochu that is perfect for cocktails. Shochu is the native spirit of Japan - a white liquor that offers an incredibly rich flavor, yet very light with a smooth finish. iichiko is crafted in the Oita Prefecture and uses exceptionally soft, iron-free water that is naturally filtered through 1000 feet of volcanic rock. iichiko, pronounced EACH-ko, translates to “it’s great” in the local dialect and is the leading brand of barley shochu in Japan, offering refreshing flavors and a crystal clear taste that truly embodies the essence of Japanese refinement.




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