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Founded by Mexican-American Eric “Don Buccio” Buccio, Casa México was born from a dream to create a high-quality tequila that celebrates his family’s Mexican heritage and rich traditions while supporting its farmers and creators. The brand is now championed with fellow Mexican-American partners, actor Mario Lopez and boxer Oscar de la Hoya.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, each tequila is crafted from 100% estate-grown blue agave from red volcanic soil in the Los Altos highlands region of Jalisco, Mexico, ensuring the highest quality possible. The tequila is created at Hacienda Capellanía in Jalisco, a farm and distillery boasting more than 100 years of jimador history, including several generations of family farming.

With a deep passion for the traditional distilling process, each of Casa México’s three tequilas are made using a traditional organic process with specific attention to eco-friendly measures. The water used for the distilling process is from a natural underground spring and gray water is repurposed to water the peaches, avocado and other crops grown on the estate. Hacienda Capellanía employs around 50 workers, paying fair wages with full benefits for employees to ensure their community and its families are taken care of.

Casa México Tequila currently boasts a trio of tequilas: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. The Blanco tequila is a straightforward expression without any aging. The Reposado ages for a minimum of six months and Añejo ages for a minimum of 12 months - both in new American White Oak Barrels, a twist on traditional aging methods. The new American oak barrels allow a truer expression of the tequila to shine through without tainting the flavor with the char of old whiskey.




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