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Canned Cocktails for Winter Texas Days and Nights


Picadas is a ready-to-drink, hard Mexican agua fresca made with real fruit and alcohol from cane sugar. The name Picadas comes from “aguas con piquete,” the slang term for a hard agua fresca.

Aguas con piquete = aguas picadas = hard agua fresca

Produced in Mexico and fermented in small batches, each 12-ounce can contains 120 calories or less and a 4.5% ABV. A packet of chili lime salt accompanies every can of Picadas to enjoy on the rim in classic, Mexican style. Picadas aims to showcase the vibrancy of Mexico with three distinctive flavors: 

  • Mango –  Crafted with yellow mango, this sweet flavor pairs well with strawberries, almonds, ceviche, and vodka.

  • Limonada –  This zesty, sour-sweet flavor is made with key limes, and pairs well with coconut, mint, fish, and tequila.

  • Guava –This tropical flavor is crafted with Mexican guavas for a floral finish that pairs well with apples, cashews, cheese, and mezcal. 

Founded by Stanford Business School graduate Hugo Martinez, Picadas is the culmination of his quest for a seltzer that faithfully recreates the taste he grew up with in Mexico. Martinez is a serial entrepreneur who’s founded multiple companies, including Acapella, one of Latin America’s most successful direct-to-consumer apparel brands. To create Picadas, he partnered with Redbud Brands, a venture company and investment fund dedicated to supporting passionate entrepreneurs and fueling the development of disruptive consumer brands. 

Picadas are available in 200 HEBs throughout Texas for $11.99 per six-pack. To learn more about Picadas, visit Follow Picadas on Instagram @drinkpicadas and Facebook at /drinkpicadas.




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