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by Andrew Chalk

Simon Pearce Vintner Red Wine Glass

Wine tasters are fussy about their glasses. More than ever, they know that the type of glass they use affects their experience of the wine. For the right wine, the right glass is de rigueur. Credit Riedel with a lot of the education over the last 25 years, but it is always good to have competition.

Enter the Simon Pearce Vintner Collection of hand-blown wine and whiskey glasses made in Vermont. The design of the wine glasses was inspired by discussions with California wine makers. There are red and white wine glasses, and a whiskey snifter.

Simon Pearce Vintner White Wine Glass

The soapstone base of the snifter can be refrigerated prior to use in order keep the whiskey cool.

I have used these products and they have left me impressed at the fine quality of the glass blowing, and the performance of the glasses in retaining aromas and bouquets of the wine or whiskey.

Buy these fine glasses at one of Simon Pearce’s authorized stores.

Simon Pearce Snifter on Soapstone

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