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A Gin Bender -- Wild Roots Cucumber and Grapefruit Gin ($27.95)

by Andrew Chalk

There is a gin craze going on with craft distillers springing up everywhere like toadstools after a rain shower. One aspect of this boom is innovative distillers making flavored gins.One example just came through our office that infuses gin with natural cucumber and grapefruit: Wild Roots from, apparently, the top of a mountain in Oregon.

The nose is an amalgam of cucumber, juniper and grapefruit. On the palate the spirit is initially sharp but after the shock recedes a warm herbaceousness fills the mouth. And it lasts, for maybe a minute, making this a harmonious sipping gin.

With summer just around the corner Cascade Spirits has picked just the right time to release this.

Wild Roots current lineup includes:

  • Infused Vodka flavors: Raspberry, Apple & Cinnamon, Pear, Dark Sweet Cherry, Cranberry, Peach, and hyperlocal special fruits Marionberry and Huckleberry

  • Infused Gin: Cucumber & Grapefruit

  • Non-infused: Vodka and London Dry Gin




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