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2022 Is The 'Year of the Pupil'


San Diego-based Societe Brewing has designated 2022 as ‘The Year of the Pupil,’ celebrating 10 years since their flagship crowd-favorite beer debuted in 2012. Building a strong community in San Diego lead by its rally cry, “Beer Folk Unite,” Societe is excited to celebrate their first decade and announce the launch of The Pupil’s highly anticipated 12-pack. The team at Societe would love to send samples for you to enjoy just in time for National IPA Day on Thursday, August 4th.

Supporting its ethos to create everyday world-class beers, The Pupil has been beloved even outside of Societe’s community of ‘beer folk’ so much so that it has its own monthly case subscription. Societe's Flagship IPA received a Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival in 2014 and most recently was ranked the #1 top-rated IPA on Uproxx, leading to the release of the 12oz 12-packs for Summer. The Pupil is a 7.5% ABV IPA using Nelson Sauvin, Citra and Centennial hops blended with 2-Row and Wheat malts to make the tropical hop triumph featuring bright notes of guava and mango and a clean finish, making it a crowd favorite since day one.

The Pupil is available year round in 16oz 4-packs, 12 oz 6-packs, Crowlers, 24-packs via the monthly case subscription, and now 12-packs and 19.2oz cans, online and in select stores throughout California. Find the nearest location to you here.




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