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WINE REVIEW: Cellier des Dauphins Réserve, 2019 Côtes du Rhône, France ($11)

by Andrew Chalk

We have discussed the influential rosé wines of Provence in The Chalk Report before. Just to the northwest of the Provence region is the Rhône region where the region-wide appellation of Côtes du Rhône produces rosé wines from the same grape blend using similar techniques.

Differences in climate, and to some extent soil, result in differences in style and accents. This competitively priced wine emphasizes grenache aromas and flavors (the grape is 85% of the blend, higher than the typical level in Provence). Cinsault is only 5%, less than is typical in Provence, and Syrah is 10%, not dissimilar to its levels in Provence.

It is well made, with enough acid to prevent it tiring the palate, but not so much that it presents a ferocious mouthful. Quaff at the pool on these balmy 98o Dallas days or serve with seafood, pork chops, or Asian or Hispanic food that isn’t too spicy.

A bargain.

Appearance: Pale pink, bordering on orange;

Nose: Rose flowers;

Taste: Redcurrants, firm grip, lengthy finish;




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