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WINE REVIEW: 2016 Long Meadow Ranch Rosé of Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, CA. ($25)

by Andrew Chalk

Pinot Noir is so popular in its traditional red expression that it is hard to render it as a rosé. It almost seems like a bleaching to denude the wine of its cherry and ruby tones for a copper or salmon patina. This wine might be the Pinot Noir rosé that convinces you of the type as a first class expression in its own right.

The nose is pleasant enough, displaying woodiness and raspberry. It is the palate where the magic is to be found. A firm phenolic bite grips the center of the tongue early on in the mouthful and refuses to let go until after the last drop has gone down the throat. Add to that a vivacious tingling on the side of the tongue from a lively, but not harsh, acidity. It is balanced with luscious red fruit (those raspberries again) that isn’t huge but is inescapable.

Altogether, a well balanced and quite complex wine that is equally suitable for quaffing or serving with pork, duck, Thai noodle dishes or Vietnamese soups. This is my third Long Meadow wine this year and I am impressed with the work that they are doing.

Given the quality the price is reasonable and I recommend this wine.


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