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Mezcal: El Silencio Espadín

by Andrew Chalk

Founded in 2013 by Mexico City Natives Fausto Zapata and Vicente Cisneros, Mezcal El Silencio has played an integral role in blazing the new mezcal trail and spearheading the subsequent “mezcal boom” in the US. Through demystified storytelling that embraces the celebration of a more “Avant Garde” Mexico, El Silencio revived the ancient art of mezcal, pioneering a unique approach to deliver the hand-crafted spirit to a new generation of creative drinkers and cultural innovators.

Whether you’re simply looking to put a mischievous spin on the traditional cocktail experience, or take a plunge down the mezcal rabbit hole, El Silencio Espadín is the ultimate catalyst for discovery for agave novices and aficionados alike.

Quick Facts Below

  • El Silencio Espadín boasts a robust, deep flavor profile that recalls earthly delights and hearty tastes, providing a subtle spice and pronounced finish.

  • All El Silencio mezcal is produced at Casa Silencio, the ground breaking, eco-minded retreat set at the Mezcal El Silencio distillery in the valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico, that weaves the magic of the Oaxacan region across our sustainable distillery and six luxury guest suites.

  • El Silencio Espadín retails nationwide for $35.99 ( ABV / Proof - 43% / 86 for 750 ml bottle) and is available on DTC platforms like Drizly. Other ways to purchase can be found HERE.



1.5 oz. Mezcal El Silencio Espadín 1 oz. Apple Cider

0.5 oz. Agave Syrup

0.5 oz. Lemon Juice

4 oz. Steaming Hot Chai Tea

Garnish with

Chili Pepper Threads


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