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WINE REVIEW: Sosie 2018 ‘Moment of Weakness’ Sparkling Syrah, Sonoma, CA ($35)

by Andrew Chalk

The last few years have seen a flourishing of sparkling wine styles and sources. Types such as Trentino d’Oc, Franciacorta, Champagne style sparkling wines from Argentina, England, Chile, Cremant wines from several parts of France. In common they have the fact that they are white or rosé.

What is more unusual is a red sparkling wine. Italy has always had Lambrusco. Australia has made sparkling Shiraz wines. I have not heard of one from California -- until now. Sosie, a winery that has impressed me in the past, has made a sparkling syrah.

I have just tasted a sample. My summary description is that it tastes like a syrah that has had bubbles added to it. Whether you will like this is a matter of taste. To me, fizzing up syrah does not improve it. I will stick with my still syrah, and my sparkling white and rosés.




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