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WINE REVIEW: Lost Eden 2018 Red Blend, The Country of Georgia ($19)

by Andrew Chalk

Wow! There is just nothing conventional about this wine from Lost Eden. From its origin (the beautiful country of Georgia), its grape (mainly Saperavi), to its uniquely shaped patterned bottle. Before you say “Georgia...what do they know about making wine?” True, their last product was Joseph Stalin, but Georgia was making wine when my ancestors were running around in pelts. Many consider the region the cradle of wine. Eight thousand year-old (ceramic) wine jars were discovered in 2015 (the wine was reported to be from a good year).

There are over 450 local wine varieties and wine and grapes are the most important agricultural export. Exports have been on a tear with three years of 54% growth from 2015-2018 and 88% growth in 2019 to the US. The industry is in the late stages of recovering from the collectivisation and low-quality focus of the Soviet era.

This wine is opaque with ruby and blueberry hues, fragrantly aromatic with roses and perfume notes in the nose. Soft in the mouth and dense with raspberry fruit matched with enough acid to maintain tasting interest. There is a little residual sweetness that will be a talking point but overall the wine still pair with red meat or Khachapuri.




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