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WINE REVIEW: Hamilton Russell Oregon Pinot Noir Tasteoff

Hamilton Russell Oregon 2018 Bramble Hill, Ribbon Ridge, OR ($86)

compared with

Hamilton Russell Oregon 2018 Zena Crown, Eola-Amity Hills, OR ($86)

by Andrew Chalk

Both of these wines are good examples of the Oregon style of pinot noir as interpreted by leading South African winemakers.

Bramble Hill, Ribbon Ridge


Appearance: Translucent ruby. Purple rim.

Nose: Forward fruit. Cherry, Black pepper. Raspberry compote.

Palate: Chewy tannins. Elegant style.

Zena Crown, Eola-Amity Hills


Appearance: Translucent ruby. Slightly more intense hue than the Bramble Hill.

Nose: Not just forward, but also intense (more so than the Bramble Hill). Raspberry, cranberry. Tomato leaf. Pepper.

Palate: Intense, effusive fruit. Grippy tannins.

A more masculine wine than the Bramble Hill. It is also more complex than the latter.




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