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WINE REVIEW: Enate 2015 Merlot, Somontano, Spain ($36)

by Andrew Chalk

To any readers deterred from merlot due to the views expressed by the lead character, Miles, in Sideways, remember, Miles stole from his mother.

Enate winemaker Jesús Artajona explains this wine, “at Enate we do not follow a strict principle when crafting our wines, we consider all varieties that work well to create contemporary wines with a unique taste.” In this merlot he ably crafts a fruity modern merlot interspersed with a hint of tradition.


Appearance: Opaque bright ruby core with translucent edges.

Nose: Mint, oak, dill weed, dark chocolate, blackcurrant;

Palate: Rich, ripe fruit with velvet tannins. Medium acid. The 15% alcohol is entirely below wraps. The 16 months in new French oak imparts sweet woody tastes to the wine.

Overall: A well-made and classy wine ready to pair today with your favorite red meat.


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