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WINE REVIEW: 2018 Long Meadow Ranch, Rosé of Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley, Mendocino County, CA.($25)

by Andrew Chalk

Is is unusual to see the red grape Pinot Noir vinified as a rosé. One might almost worry that this most delicate of grapes would lose something in the production. Have no fears. Long Meadow Ranch winemaker Stéphane Vivier shows an uncanny grip on extracting all the nuances of flavor in the grape. There are peaches, strawberries, and roses in the nose, and crispness from the conjunction of fruit and acid in the mouth.

The heightened acid level means that this wine pairs well with food. The winery suggests brick-cooked chicken and garden vegetables. Add to that my suggestion of Vietnamese or Thai food where there me be spices and aromatics, but not a lot of heat.




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