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BALLS OF FIRE from Rōti!

Balls of Fire! A bowl set to ignite all the senses!
Balls of Fire! A bowl set to ignite all the senses!

by Andrew Chalk

What a find! Rōti is a fast casual restaurant that is rapidly growing into a neighborhood near you. Taste the food and it is no surprise why. At a media event I had Balls of Fire, a salad in a bowl highlighted by balls of New Zealand lamb slow-cooked sous vide and paired with perfectly al dente saffron rice, marinated red cabbage, dill cucumbers, tart pepperoncinis, amba (a tangy mango pickle condiment of Indian origin) and roasted red pepper sauce. This was a bowl set to ignite all the senses!

What really impressed me was the overall quality. All the salad ingredients are bright and fresh and, most importantly, that lamb (my favorite meat) is soft and richly flavorful. I was a fan at first bite and will be back for more. To the folks at Rōti at Olive and McKinney in Dallas who prepared my lunch, well done!

Rōti is also in Preston Center at 8301 Westchester Drive and delivery and pickup is available as well. What a great discovery!

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