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RTD: Landmark Vineyards, 2015 Overlook Vineyards, Pinot Noir, CA ($27)

by Andrew Chalk

Captured at its peak. At least, that is my estimate. Through a virtually opaque ruby mass tinged with hues of molasses escape savory tendrils of tomato plant and rich tertiary components that are the leitmotif of aged red wine. In the mouth, acid still persists framing ripe raspberry fruit and a mouthful of forest floor and mushroom flavors tuned to synthesize with the roast bell peppers stuffed with ground beef cooked until the skins are floppy and exuding a tangy sweetness.

Hard to find this wine, It is ageing like it had read the mature wine textbook. All justifying why we spend money on environmentally controlled storage for these things.

Origins: An army brat of a wine. 51% Santa Barbara County, 26% Sonoma County, 23% Monterey County. Handpicked, handsorted, then aged in French oak barrels (no age information - but I would guess some new) for 10 months.




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