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Rabble Rosé 2021, Paso Robles, CA ($18)

Note: Great special effects from this wine. Scan the front label and the sea becomes a storm, the sky turns dark, and eerie sound effects begin. It’s great entertainment, and goes with rosé. Only thing is, that redheaded mermaid on the label is fully clothed. Isn’t she going to sink under the weight of all the water in her clothes?


Ever wonder what it takes for a company to become B Corp certified? The truth is, it takes a lot! This certification is the highest award a company can receive for meeting top social and environmental performance. It takes an exuberant amount of dedication to successfully create operational and business programs that benefit everyone from employees to Mother Nature. The larger the organization, the more complicated and intensive the effort is to become B Corp certified. The upside is it also yields a much bigger result for significant planet impact, which is evident in Rabble Wine.

Rabble remains a steadfast leader in the beverage industry for sustainable production and is proud to be a part of the 10th largest winery in the U.S. and North America's biggest B Corp certified winery. Founded on the principles of upholding the highest respect for Mother Nature and people, they are focused on a legacy of sustainable and environmentally conscious winemaking practices while producing wines their consumers love.

Rabble is not only dedicated to lifting up their staff and California growers through standardized B Corp practices, but offering every consumer access to B Corp wines. They believe that anyone should have an opportunity to join this environmental force for good with a wallet-friendly sustainably certified wine. Rabble has accomplished that goal with all their wines, including the 2022 Rabble Rosé.

The 2022 Rabble Rosé is rooted in nature, and crafted as an ode to Mother Earth. Delectably composed of 84% Syrah and 16% Grenache, this dry rosé is simply begging to be poured poolside or at your next beach bonfire. As an added bonus during Earth Month in April, Rabble partners with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every bottle of Rabble wine sold, the 2022 Rosé included.




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