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Quechol Sotol as a Cinco de Mayo Tequila Alternative


Sights, sounds, smells, and even songs from your favorite streaming platform can elicit fond memories of long-ago trips with family and friends or a delicious meal with incredible Mexican inspired cocktails. Perfect for those temperate evenings when dining outside on delicious barbacoa, tamales, and enchiladas is called for, Quechol Sotol has curated artisanal cocktail recipes - just in time for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta.


Unfamiliar with Quechol Sotol? Sotol is a non-agave-based distillate made from a native Mexican shrub, Dasylirion. Its lineage is closer to evergreen plants in the asparagus family, Dasylirion thrives in dry conditions with extreme climates like those found in Durango, Mexico.


Family owned and operated in a 100% solar powered facility, Quechol Sotol is made in small batches using time-honored traditions that are passed down from one generation of sotolero to the next, producing the following expressions:


·         Quechol Texanum Sotol (SRP $60; 46.3% abv) - 100% Texanum Sotol. Succulent aromas of wild spearmint, roasted nuts, ancho chile and cooked caramel lead into a round, elegant palate of juicy black licorice and subtle vegetal character.

·         Quechol Wheeleri Sotol (SRP $60; 45.5% abv) – 100% Wheeleri Sotol. Bright vegetal aromas of lemon rind, bay leaf and chipotle lead into fresh jalapeno on the palate, balanced with delicate sweet black licorice and anise that lead into a long, spicy finish.


These two expressions can be enjoyed slowly over ice on their own, or celebrated and sipped as Cinco de Mayo cocktails, including Quechol’s signature recipes below: 

·         Ejercito - Quechol (1oz Quechol Texanum Sotol + 1oz Bozal Ensamble Mezcal + .75oz lemon juice + .75oz orgeat + 2 drops of orange bitters) – A sure fire way to elicit cheers, build in a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously, and strain into a coupe or martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist

·         Nombre de Dios (1.5oz Quechol Wheeleri Sotol + .5oz Bozal Cenizo Mezcal + 1 strawberry + .75oz lemon juice + .25 simple syrup) – Go beyond the recipe as you muddle ingredients in a shaker, shake vigorously, and strain into a double old-fashioned glass over ice. Garnish with peeled strawberry and lemon wheel

·         Sundance Kid (1oz Quechol Wheeleri Sotol + .5oz Pasote Blanco Tequila + .75oz green chile liqueur + 1oz pineapple juice + .25 agave nectar) – Tips for the perfect Sundance Kid cocktail, construct the ingredients in a Collins glass with ice. Stir to combine ingredients and then top with ginger beer. Garnish with green chile and a pineapple frond




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