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NEW DOG OF THE WEEK! Buddy, Ab Astris Winery.

by Andrew Chalk

Buddy is a miracle dog. Erin Smith, co-owner of Ab Astris Winery, tells the story: “Buddy adopted us about two and a half years ago. Driving home on RR 1 along the river we noticed the cutest dog alongside the road. We both commented on him, wondering how such a cute dog was out on the road like that. We were living in our cabin at the time while the tasting room was being built. The morning after seeing Buddy, our own dogs were barking at the back door. We looked out to see what all the barking was about and there was Buddy laying on our back porch. The rest is history.”

He was estimated at one year back then, which makes him three now. Erin’s husband, Tony, had Buddy’s DNA checked and he is 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 25% Rottweiler, and 25% Labrador Retriever.

It is striking how mellow Buddy is. A visitor’s black labrador wants to play with him and Buddy just takes it all in his stride. Tasting room manager Kristine Nelson says that is typical every Saturday, when regular fans of Ab Astris’ wines expect to see Buddy. However, on Sunday, he is exhausted, and flops on the cool stone floor in the tasting room. To rouse him, offer him a piece of his favorite food, cheese. Or you can check out his Instagram account at @buddythewinedog.



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