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Rhodi (left) and Corki
Rhodi (left) and Corki

Corki and Rhodi - Texas Legato Winery, Lampasas

At Texas Legato Winery Corki and Rhodi are best buds. Rohdi, a 13 year-old Shih Tzu, arrived first and when the two years younger Corki the Yorkie arrived she had to rescue him when he got lost under the couch on his first day!

Smart choice as Sulynn Bledsoe points out that Corki is the most expensive dog they have ever owned. Bill Bledsoe was President of the Fort Worth Cancer Care Services Board and at their charity auction got into a bidding war for Corkie who was only a few weeks old. He bid one time too many, and was left holding the puppy. The best mistake of the evening and the event. Now, at home he is a lap warmer. Outside, he hunts dove with Bill, where he is the retriever and he even takes Bill on deer hunting trips.

As for Rohdi, Sulynn explains that she had always wanted a lapdog. They had owned labrador retrievers and she loved them but they were too big to put in your lap.

Becky, their daughter, found Rohdi in a parking lot where the owner of a litter was trying to sell the dogs.

Around the tasting room the two are inseparable, and visitors find them to be accomplished scavengers.



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