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Natural Grocers® Expands House Brand with Sparkling Water


LAKEWOOD, Colo., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for summer, Natural Grocers®, America's largest family-operated organic and natural grocery retailer proudly announces the introduction of its Natural Grocers Brand® Sparkling Spring Water to the company's premium quality house brand. Customers looking to up their summer hydration needs at an Always Affordable PriceSM, can enjoy Natural Grocers Brand Sparkling Water in two bubbly sizes: 16 oz. and 25.3 oz.


New Sparkling Spring Water from Natural Grocers, available in two sizes: 16 oz. and 25.3 oz. Tweet this Natural Grocers introduces Sparkling Water to its premium quality house brand. 100% unprocessed with natural electrolytes and minerals, bottled without additional additives (Including Fluoride), flavorings, colors or preservatives and packaged in non-BPA lined recyclable aluminum bottles.

Sustainability, quality and community are behind every Natural Grocers® Brand Product, including this new variety of Spring Water. "The new Sparkling Spring Water is from the same trusted supplier that has provided our bottled Spring Water since 2020. Bottled at the source in Idaho's pristine Rocky Mountain wilderness—sustainability is the core principle of our producing partner's operations," said Raquel Isely, Vice President of Marketing at Natural Grocers. "Only 5% of the spring's daily output is collected, and the on-location, gravity-fed bottling system means a low energy footprint—no electric pumps and no transport to a plant. As with our original Spring Water, all electrolytes and minerals are natural from the springs. The water is unprocessed and bottled without additional additives. Our Sparkling Spring Water's naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes are maintained throughout the production process—including the injection of CO2, homogenization and bottling."

The new products demonstrate a concerted effort to expand the Natural Grocers Brand Products line, established in 2016, which presently includes over 800 high-quality products, exclusively available at Natural Grocers stores. Learn more about Natural Grocers' Grocery Standards by clicking here.


  • 100% Unprocessed with Natural Electrolytes and Minerals

  • Bottled Without Additional Additives (Including Fluoride), Flavorings, Colors or Preservatives

  • Alkaline pH of 8.1-8.5

  • Packaged in non-BPA Lined Recyclable Aluminum Bottles

  • Available in 16 oz. and 25.3 oz.



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