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Le Colture Prosecco

by Andrew Chalk

An example of an aspirational Prosecco producer

  • VALDOBBIADENE PROSECCO SUPERIORE DOCG BRUT “FAGHER”: its most attractive qualities are enfolded in delicate scents of crisp citrus and fresh vegetables, often complemented by lovely notes of fresh-baked bread followed by a vibrant palate. Its delicate bead of pin-point bubbles bolsters and prolongs its flavours and cleanliness on the palate, and heightens its value as a partner with food.

  • CARTIZZE: This bowl-shaped hilly terrain is composed of sandstone and clay marl that ensures that the glera grapes almost achieve over-ripeness, and thus develop an inimitable concentration of aromas. The resulting sparkling wine, though it retains all the crispness of a Prosecco Superiore, takes on a slight sweetness and exhibits a dense complex of fragrances.

  • SPARKLING WINE WITH SEDIMENTS “INCALMO”: a wine naturally refermented in bottle creating an interesting and modern “frizzante”. Incalmo is a vivacious, slightly cloudy sparkling wine, with very fine bubbles; the taste is distinguished by a combination of hints present at the bottle bottom and this is what gives more complex sensation to the nose.


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