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by Andrew Chalk

Ever tasted white rum? It is unusual, but it may be about to experience a popularity boom.

Diplomático Planas (SRP: $32.99): Distilled through a unique system of copper pot stills, columns and batch kettle, and produced from molasses and sugarcane honeys, Diplomatico Planas is aged up to six years in American white oak barrels, previously containing bourbon and malt whisky. Once ready, the rum is then charcoal filtered prior to bottling, giving the rum a crystalline appearance and smooth finish.

At 47% ABV (a strength higher than most spirits), this award-winning rum has a distinctive nose with notes of tropical aromas of coffee beans and vanilla with a slightly fruity and creamy flavors on the palate. Think Spiked Rum Ciders, Hot Buttered Rum & Autumn Old Fashioneds -- Planas is your spirit. As the distiller says “We even recommend sipping it neat!”.


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