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The Champagne
The Champagne

by Andrew Chalk

When Texas wineries were permitted to ship directly to Texas consumers in 2001 Texas wineries became far more competitive overnight and the industry exploded. Now, a company that makes the glass that holds the wine is borrowing the same trick to reduce the cost of quality stemware to wine consumers nationwide.

Glasvin is a glass designer. They contract with glass manufacturers (currently in China) to produce their designs. They then ship directly from their operation in New York to consumers. They have just released three new designs and mine is The Obsession. Details from Glasvin themselves...

"Glasvin, the country’s premier direct-to-consumer, hand-blown glassware company, is pleased to announce the arrival of its three newest stemware collections: The Champagne, The Prestige, and The Obsession. These modern, yet elegant, glasses have launched just in time for the most romantic day of the year and embody the quality, lightweight durability and hand-blown craftsmanship consumers have come to expect from Glasvin.

The Champagne: The Champagne is Glasvin’s offering designed specifically for champagne and sparkling wine. Their distinctive tulip shape is more expressive than a traditional flute while their broader surface area allows flavor and aroma to fully develop in the glass. $70.00 for two.

The Prestige: The Prestige allows for a full bouquet of aromas to develop around the wine while still comfortably sized for all settings. The wider bowl allows for faster development in wines that yearn for it. This glass is closest to a Bordeaux glass or a red wine glass. $85.00 for two.

The Obsession: The Obsession is designed to showcase highly sensual wines, providing the maximal aromatic release while tasting both red and white wines. The tulip shape of the glass allows for the concentration and collection of the wine’s aroma. This glass is closest to a Burgundy glass or a chardonnay glass. $90.00 for two.

The Obsession. My obsession.
The Obsession. My obsession.

Designed in New York City, Glasvin stemware is designed to be effortlessly lightweight yet functional and dishwasher-safe for regular use. Its product line is purposeful and streamlined; each collection is designed to promote an uncompromising sensory and wine-drinking experience.

Some of today’s most acclaimed restaurants, including two Michelin-rated eateries, have made Glasvin their stemware of choice. These restaurants include: Gabriel Kreuther, Crown Shy, 63 Clinton, Joomak Banjum, ZZ’s Sushi, Flagstaff House (coming soon) and Lobster Club (coming soon). Glasvin is also proud to collaborate with Pearl Morrisette Winery (Niagara) and Other Half Brewing (Brooklyn) on their in-house stemware."



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