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by Andrew Chalk

Wines of Sicily have been on a tear the last few years as people discover their distinctive grape varieties and value for money. To the wine lover, it is a satisfying trend to watch. A surge in demand for a wine category that deserves it on the basis of its quality, rather on some empty or misleading slogan like ‘clean’, or ‘natural’. Welcome to wines that don’t claim to be clean or natural, just really good wine.

One producer that you may want to check out is Duca di Salaparuta. Here are three of their wines and, having tasted them, I can recommend them. This may be a good week for red sauce Italian food!


Duca di Salaparuta, an icon in the Italian wine scene, is one of the oldest wineries in Sicily, with roots that run deep in the region’s history and culture, producing outstanding wines since 1824. The flagship wines - Kados, Lavico and Passo delle Mule - are handcrafted from local varieties grown across three estates on the sunny island and fully express the richness and diversity of such a dynamic land.

These three labels are definitely a great place to start understanding the estates’ philosophy which focuses on the balanced combination of tradition and modernity to obtain wines that reflect the unique nature of each subregion.

Duca di Salaparuta Kados Grillo Sicilia DOC 2020 (SRP $19 BUY HERE)

This 100% Grillo wine comes from the Risignolo Estate located in the sun-drenched countryside of Salemi in the province of Trapani where white grapes find their perfect habitat. One of the most versatile wines from Duca di Salaparuta, the floral and citrus scents, with its smooth velvety taste, accompany holiday dishes splendidly. It is ideal with a fresh soft cheese board, seafood risotto or a classic roasted chicken.

Duca di Salaparuta Lavico Nerello Mascalese Terre Siciliane IGT 2018 (SRP $20 BUY HERE)

Moving to the slopes of Mount Etna at the Vajasindi Estate, the unique volcanic soils create wines with an intense minerality and delightfully intense flavors - and Lavico is no exception! This wine is produced from 100% Nerello Mascalese, an indigenous varietal known for its bright acidity and earthy characteristics. Fragrant, spicy and complex, this finely balanced wine beautifully manifests the power and grace of Mount Etna, with aromas of leather and licorice and notes of flavors of dried cherry, spice and smoke. Try Lavico with delicious truffles based dishes, a good steak or game and aged cheese.

Duca di Salaparuta Passo delle Mule Sicilia DOC 2019 (SRP $20 BUY HERE)

Passo Delle Mule, from 100% Nero d'Avola grapes, the prince of the red grape varieties of Sicily, is produced at the Suor Marchesa Estate, inland from the southern coast of the island. Here soil, climate and altitude provide a perfect mix for the production of this enveloping yet fresh wine. Deep and intense ruby red, Passo delle Mule has rich notes of ripe cherry, tobacco & licorice which are balanced by a round, juicy palate with velvety tannins.




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