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by Andrew Chalk

Nothing ages as majestically as scotch. The fire in the liquid recedes, the elements in the wood synthesize into the body of the liquid moving the complexity into overdrive.

That made it particularly interesting when my fentanyl dealer announced he was making a seminal career change to become a Benriach distributor. What was it about this Speyside masterpiece that made grown men subjugate themselves to its whims? Perhaps the secret was the unhurried ageing, or the four-cask maturation (in Bourbon, sherry, Virgin Oak, and red wine). Either way, these intoxicating whiskies are very special and can be sipped at length.

Here are the distiller’s tasting notes.

The Twenty OneFour cask matured: Bourbon, Sherry, Virgin Oak and Red Wine

46% ABV, $199.99 (750ml)

Tasting Notes

Color: Honey gold

Nose: Berry fruit, orchard apple, wild honey and mountain oak spice

Palate: Candied grape, rich cocoa, smoked pine nut

Finish: Caramelized pear and honey smoke

Smoke: Elegant

The Twenty FiveFour cask matured: Bourbon, Sherry, Virgin Oak and Madeira Wine

46% ABV, $359.99 (750ml)

Tasting Notes

Color: Deep amber

Nose: Smoked apricot, dark cherry chocolate, hazelnut toffee

Palate: Baked fruit, toasted oak spice, orange and cinnamon spice

Finish: Rich caramelized smoke

Smoke: Mellow




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