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COFFEE REVIEW: Straight From The Head -- With Purpose

by Andrew Chalk

Like good coffee? Want to support those serving in the military and as first responders? No Skulls Coffee gives you both. For every ten bags sold they donate a bag to one of those beneficiaries. “We’re humbled with those that serve our country in the military and the work that is done by our country’s first responders. If we can help these great people ease into their morning with a great cup of coffee, we’re honored to do it,” said Mike Radzicki, cofounder of No Sculls Coffee.

The “No Skulls” part of the name? It refers to a backyard golf tournament they hold each year for a local charity, in which good shots are made by “not sculling” the ball.

The coffee? I’m picky about my coffee, looking for robust and dark-roasted coffees in the French style. No Skulls French Roast is one of the best that I have had. I also recommend the African Espresso if this is your style. For a more medium blend, the Italian has lots of flavor. In all they do 14 blends right now, although the number is always changing.

No Skulls buys green beans from around the world and does all the roasting, grinding, and packing in the USA.

With No Skulls Coffee, it was clear to me that the product was as important as the cause, and that is something we all like to see. Order online. You choose the grind you want. Prices about $20/LB.




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