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Cockburn's Special Reserve ($20)


If fears of inflation are panicking your pocketbook, you can still have or better yet gift a delicious taste of luxury this holiday season. Wine aficionados know that Reserve style Ports are deliciously rich but astonishingly affordable. Cockburn’s Special Reserve (SRP $20), the wine that founded the Reserve Port category, calls for the occasion this holiday season.

Port, renowned as one of the most complex and timeless wines, boasts more styles to choose from than nearly any other wine category. Vintage Ports are exercises in patience, some requiring decades of aging to reach maturity, while other Ports such as the Reserve style, champion innovation and accessibility.

Cockburn's was founded in 1815 and today is part of Symington Family Estates. In 1969, Cockburn’s created the Reserve category to bridge a gap between the up-front appeal of Ruby Ports and rich, dark, historic Vintage Ports. Considered the benchmark wine for the Reserve Port category, Cockburn’s Special Reserve forever changed the way Port is perceived and enjoyed.

Crafted from a blend of wines selected for their richness and concentration from the finest estate vineyards in the Upper Douro, Cockburn’s Special Reserve offers the taste of a Vintage Port, without the wait or cost of decades of aging. The result is a more approachable style Port, with luscious fruity character and a smooth and mellow finish. Cockburn’s is known for aging its Reserve Port longer than other producers in this category, 4-5 years in oak casks imparting its characteristic balance and smoothness.




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