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Bosscal® Mezcal from Durango Is Here, Now

by Andrew Chalk

Mezcal is made from the same species of plant, agave, as tequila but differing in not being confined to one type of agave (Blue Weber Agave), or grown in the same restricted areas, and made with a different method that is the source of its trademark smoky aroma.

Mezcal is also on a role, especially in Texas, which is a huge market for Mexican liquors. It is no wonder new entrants appear every month. Bosscal has entered the market and, having tried it, I can vouch for both the quality and the distinctiveness of each of these three expressions. The company puts it well in their press release...

Umberto Luchini, founder and proprietor of Wolf Spirit Distillery (Eugene, OR) announces that Bosscal® Mezcal(Durango, MX; NOM-D248G) has joined the company’s portfolio. The Joven, Damiana, and Pechugo de Conejo expressions are available now, with SRPs of $44.99, $49.99, and $99.99/750mL respectively, with others to follow this year. All are 42% ABV and the Joven -- which just won a Gold Medal in the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition as well as 2021 SIP awards for Innovation as well as Design -- is certified organic by the USDA, EU, and SAGARPA Mexico. The entire line is newly packaged in hand-blown bottles shaped like the volcanic tufa rocks which create Durango’s unique terroir.

Fourth-generation Mezcalero Uriel Simental Enriquez hand-selects mountain-grown durangensis agaves to create Bosscal®. Together with his right hand distiller Alan Hernandez, they use only traditional, artisanal methods including cooking the agaves in traditional pit ovens lined with volcanic rocks; chopping and grinding the cooked piñas by hand; 2-day spontaneous fermentation; and then double distillation. It takes an average of 17 kilos of agave to make 1L of Bosscal®, vs. the industry average of 10 kilos.

Luchini says: “Adding Bosscal® mezcals to the Wolf Spirit portfolio is the next step in our mission to develop lifestyle brands in every major category. Bosscal joins our domestic vodka, Blood x Sweat x Tears; our imported vodka, Tom of Finland Organic Vodka; and our bourbon, Puncher’s Chance®. Similar to its new siblings, Bosscal® has a strong personality, iconic packaging, and meaningful back story. Individually, it is a beautiful, organic, hand-crafted spirit that will appeal to a broad consumer base.”

As of today, Bosscal® is distributed in AZ, CA, FL, MA, NM, NY, RI, TX, WA, and WI, with additional states soon to follow; current points of distribution include Total Wine, Whole Foods Market, and WinCo Foods. In addition to standard single-expression 6-packs, a “Full Moon Pack” comprises 3 bottles of Organic Joven, 2 bottles of Damiana, and 1 bottle of Pechuga de Conejo.

Tasting Notes

  • 100% Organic Bosscal® Joven: The palate shows citrus – particularly orange and blood orange – with sweet, tart, and floral notes across the balanced, lightly smoked palate.

  • Bosscal® Damiana: The damiana herb, which grows alongside agave, is considered an aphrodisiac as well as reputed for its euphoric capabilities and ability to help people maintain mental and physical and stamina. Bosscal® Damiana is based on Bosscal® Joven; it is crisp and smooth, with herbal notes from the damiana flower added during the second distillation.

  • Bosscal® Pechuga de Conejo: Also based on Bosscal® Joven, this expression hints of mandarin, apricot, plum, and quince, with more overt flavors of apple, as the prized local apples – harvested only in high season – are added to the distillate. On the third distillation the vapors pass through a suspended, skinless rabbit before the final condensation.




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