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Booker’s Bourbon Releases Second Batch of 2023 Collection


ABOUT BOOKER’S® “Apprentice Batch”

This batch pays homage to the beginning of Booker Noe’s distilling career when he first learned the art of making bourbon under the guidance of his cousin, Carl Beam.

Booker started working at the Jim Beam Distillery in 1952, and shortly after, Carl became his mentor. Carl was in charge and didn't put up with any foolishness - he always made sure Booker was set straight. But even if Booker did mess around sometimes, he was a fast learner and was ready to be put to work, which quickly got him Carl’s approval.

Two years after Booker started, Jim Beam purchased a distillery in Boston, KY to increase production capabilities. Carl and Booker worked closely together to get it up and running, and eventually, Carl

handed the reins over to Booker. This is where he was able to experiment and master the bourbon-making process, and later on, the location was renamed the Booker Noe Distillery.

Carl showed Booker the ropes at the distillery, but from there, he encouraged him to try things out on his own, which is when his work really started to shine. Booker’s apprenticeship under Carl helped him become the Master Distiller and legendary innovator he is remembered as today.


Like all batches of Booker’s Bourbon, Booker’s “Apprentice Batch” was selected by Seventh Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe to ensure it upholds the qualities and standards that his dad set for Booker’s Bourbon more than 30 years ago. Uncut and unfiltered1, this batch has the following characteristics:

PROOF: 125.5

AGE: 7 years, 1 month, 2 days


Booker’s “Apprentice Batch” has a medium amber color and a pleasant oak-forward aroma balanced with vanilla and toasted nuts. The flavor is warm with a long finish that does not overpower the tasting experience, and opens up further with a small touch of water.

SIPPING SUGGESTIONS: Booker’s “Apprentice Batch” is best enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water.


For more information on Booker’s Bourbon, visit CONTACT MULTIPLY: Haley Skuraton |


Booker’s “Apprentice Batch” is now available nationwide in limited quantities with a Suggested Retail Price of $89.99 for a 750 mL bottle.



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