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Image courtesy of WarPig BBQ
Image courtesy of WarPig BBQ

by Andrew Chalk


There's no surprise that an award winning Texas-based barbecue brand started all because of the founder, Dennis Butterworth, and his Veteran buddies' love for competing in barbecue competitions for fun. After winning 8th place from his original barbecue recipe that he continuously experimented with and perfected, Dennis decided to launch WarPig BBQ in 2017 featuring what is now the #1 best selling BBQ sauce in Texas, F.U.B.A.R. Elite BBQ Sauce—the cheeky and and tangy barbecue sauce ideal "For Use on Butts and Ribs." This legendary sauce also went on to win 1st place with H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best.

F.U.B.A.R. Elite BBQ Sauce can be purchased for $7 online at or at your local H-E-B in Texas.

Aside from flavor, what makes this barbecue brand even more elite is its commitment to giving back to those who serve. Each quarter, WarPig BBQ donates a percentage of proceeds to Folds of Honor, Lone Survivor Foundation, and PTSD Foundation of America. Dennis has been recently bestowed the incredible honor of being invited to serve on the Board of Directors for Folds of Honor.

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