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With the award-winning, Waco-based distillery located in the heart of the eclipse’s path of totality, the latest limited edition American Single Malt release is a celestial celebration of innovation 


Waco, Texas (April 8, 2024) – Today Balcones Distilling proudly announces the launch of its latest whisky creation: Balcones Mirador Eclipse American Single Malt. Inspired by the extraordinary phenomenon of a solar eclipse, this limited edition release is a testament to the artistic whisky-making approach of Balcones and unwavering commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.


The journey to Mirador Eclipse began with a reflection on the significant solar eclipse occurring across North America this year, right in the path of totality in the Balcones home base of Waco, Texas, and the profound symbolism of a solar eclipse - a momentary loss of the sun, yet an indicator of new beginnings. Drawing inspiration from the exquisite and uncontrollable nature of eclipses, Balcones embarked on a quest to capture the essence of this celestial event in a bottle.


“Solar eclipses can be anticipated but not changed. They are beyond our attempts to control, calling us back to the specific time and place we are in, making us view ourselves and our place in a different light, with fresh hues and contrasts,” said Jared Himstedt, head distiller at Balcones Distilling. “This is exactly what it feels like to create whisky with the volatile and unexpected climate of Texas, and it is what we built into this release, playing with subtlety to give a new perspective and contrast to a whisky.”


Mirador Eclipse represents the latest experimentation in the distillery’s continued innovative approach to whisky making. While their previous Mirador releases showcase Golden Promise Malted Barley matured in refill casks, Mirador Eclipse delves deeper into the realm of flavor experimentation, inspired by how eclipses do more than just obscure and darken – they throw familiar things into a new and changed light, allowing new facets and emphases to the experience of the moment. By introducing two strains of yeast - a red wine and a rosé yeast - alongside the house malt whisky yeast, Balcones' artisans have unlocked a symphony of soft, blush red berry, and fruits-of-the-forest notes rarely seen in single malts.


Matured in a selection of first, second, and third-fill used Kentucky bourbon casks for four to five years, Mirador Eclipse achieves a delicate balance of fruit, grain, and palate density, culminating in a whisky experience unlike any other. With an ABV of 55% and a 750mL bottle, Mirador Eclipse embodies the spirit of Texas in every sip.


"Mirador Eclipse is a tribute to the beauty and unpredictability of solar eclipses; an invitation to appreciate a moment of cosmic scale from our vantage point," said Himstedt. "We sought to create a whisky that honors this celestial spectacle by pushing flavor exploration into a different light."


For those that are 21 years or older, Mirador Eclipse American Single Malt has an SRP of $100 and will be available to purchase starting in May 2024 for a limited time only at select U.S. liquor retailers in Texas, California, Illinois, Colorado, New York, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Missouri, New Jersey, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Oregon, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and can be pre-ordered on


While Mirador Eclipse is a limited release, Balcones remains committed to pushing the boundaries of whisky craftsmanship and creating original, expressive whiskies that reflect the people and place they come from.


"Our journey doesn't end with Mirador Eclipse. We're constantly exploring, wandering, tending the ongoing conversation with specific moments and a specific place with the promise of more exciting whiskies to come."


For more information on Balcones Distilling and Balcones Mirador Eclipse, and where to purchase your own whisky, visit



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