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An Entrepreneurial Success Story Lands In Flower Mound!




FLOWER MOUND, TX – July 12, 2023 – Houston-based Milano Nail Spa is putting down roots in North Texas with its first Dallas-Fort Worth area salon in Flower Mound. Located at 5801 Long Prairie Road in conveniently situated Robertson’s Creek shopping center, the glam, approximately 5,000-square-foot retreat officially debuts on Sunday, July 16. To celebrate the grand opening, Milano Nail Spa Flower Mound patrons will be treated to a traditional Vietnamese lion dance at 9:30 am, plus 30% of all services throughout the day.

A best-in-class business, Milano Nail Spa has helped to reimagine the nail industry with its spotlessly-clean, super-luxe – and in some cases, supersized – locations, including a more than 10,000-square-foot site in the Houston Heights, which is believed to be the state’s largest nail salon. Under the guidance of founder, CEO and American success story Thai “Tom” Tran, the dual-branded company, which also includes Milano Nail Spa, has become known for creating life-changing career opportunities, touching a team that now exceeds 1,000, mostly first and second-generation Americans that staff nearly 70 locations.

Clients can anticipate a vibrant and festive ambience with customized i-Lux massage chairs, handbag and attached storage, TV monitors and complimentary beverages ranging from sparkling water and sodas to margaritas and mimosas. A variety of manicure and pedicure options, utilizing upwards of 1,000 polish selections will span from express services and seasonal offerings to more spa-like experiences such as a 10-step pedicure utilizing a volcanic, CBD-infused scrub. Intricate nail art and full-body waxing, including Brazilians, are also on the menu, and eye lash services will be introduced soon after opening. Milano Nail Spa Flower Mound will also offer Le’K FDA approved mani/pedi-pods treatments, which are ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Taking the reins of the storefront is operating partner Nam Nguyen, who will continue in his position as Milano Nail Spa IT analyst, a role he began last year. It’s been a long road to Texas for Nguyen, who fled Vietnam in 1988 and was later resettled in Canada. There, his career was structured to allow giving as much of his time – and his paycheck – as possible to children’s causes.

As a beta analyst for the Canadian Ministry, he launched an organization called Smile of Compassion Projects – since formalized as a non-profit it in the US with the support of Milano Nail Spa. Its mission is to provide medical, health and educational support to underprivileged people (mostly children) in Vietnam. Among the many charitable accomplishments since starting the group are the coordination of multiple teams of doctors from the U.S. and beyond to operate on kids with cleft palates plus disfigurements such as severe burns resulting from major disasters, as well as designating resources to build schools, wells and bridges.

It is due to the relationships formed in a Malaysian refugee camp that have ultimately led to Flower Mound. With encouragement from old friend and fellow refugee Vincent Nguyen, the now VP of business development for Milano Nail Spa, and a surprise investment from 100 of their camp confidants, he was awarded the salon part ownership earlier this year. A portion of ongoing sales from Milano Nail Spa Flower Mound will directly benefit Smile of Compassion Projects.

According to Nam Nguyen, “I’m so proud to be in the position to bring the Milano Nail Spa brand to Flower Mound. Not only do we look forward to pampering our clients, who we see as family, but allocating a portion of profits to fund initiatives that elevate the lives of children in need.”

Regular hours are 9 am until 7 pm and 10 am until 5:30 Monday through Saturday and 10 am until 5 pm on Sundays, including opening day. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are suggested to avoid a wait time. The Flower Mound location will also feature a loyalty program that provides clients 3% off on return visits.

For information, visit or call 214.513.4800.

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